Kayaking school-Inflatable kayak trip

Discover kayaking sensations with an easy inflatable kayak !




2h30 – 3h00


All public


7 km


14 years old


class II/III/IV


from March to October


The inflatable kayak is easy way to access whitewater kayaking: without any previous experience in a kayak, you can navigate in whitewater on class III rivers.

Don’t hesitate any longer: go for it and discover the joys and sensations of whitewater kayaking!

Whitewater kayaking is a demanding sport that requires a long learning process. You have always wanted to try it but have never taken the plunge because you are not available to attend a course and learn the technical basics. Moreover, you are not sure that you like it and you do not want to invest too much money for a first experience. Inflatable kayaks are for you!

Wider and more stable than a traditional kayak, it forgives mistakes and takes away some of the anxiety about the activity. On the other hand, its manoeuvrability already allows you to feel the sensations of a whitewater kayaker and to acquire the first technical basics: trajectories, stopping in counter-currents, taking over the current, etc…

It is therefore the ideal boat for a first experience in whitewater kayaking, before eventually considering deepening the learning process by moving on to a rigid, decked kayak.

Sessions are open to a minimum of 2 people (single person, please contact us for prices).

Depending on the season, we will propose different rivers around Annecy, Chambery and the Tarentaise valley in Savoie.

To practice kayaking, it is mandatoryto know how to swim.


The meeting

Meeting time

09:00 AM and 02:00 PM

Meeting point

Base de Loisirs, Centron, Aime-La-Plagne

Little extra of our base camp

  • Space to chill out ;
  • Picnic area ;
  • Nearby restaurant.


  • Supervision by professional river guides;
  • Technical gear;
  • Transportation to the start of the trip OFFERED;
  • Welcome drinks OFFERED.
  • Transportation to the meeting point;
  • Personal expenses.
  • Wetsuit long-john;
  • Wetsuit jacket;
  • Wetsuit boots;
  • Helmet CE approved;
  • PFD CE approved.
  • Swimming suit;
  • Towel;
  • A small bag for your belongings;
  • Cord for glasses if necessary;
  • Mask for transportation.
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Kayaking school-Inflatable kayak trip


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Kayaking school-Inflatable kayak trip


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